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7th Annual Holiday Market

Details coming soon!

Food & Farm Workshops were created to assist and inspire folks in getting back to the way our great grandparents grew, harvested, preserved and prepared food. We strive to educate participants in the basic skills of country living. Additionally, we seek culinary enthusiasts, skilled in various cuisines, to share their talents and broaden our pallet options. We utilize community members who are practicing these skills regularly and are privy to the ins and outs of their trade.
These workshops not only pass along various skills, they also build a network of like–minded folks. We are making our workshops affordable to everyone with registration fees from FREE to $35.

PHFFI Workshops

PHFFI Workshops

Friends and neighbors learning tried and true techniques.

Photos by Kimmy Clements

Previous Workshops & Events

Sunday, September 9th, 1-5 pm

Workshop: Oyster Mushroom Inoculating with Maureen & Ivan Farrell

Thomas Trails Shelter
Fee: $35; includes your own inoculated oyster bag!

Join us to explore mushroom cultivation! This class will be a hands-on workshop, where we learn how to inoculate Oyster mushrooms in straw. This is a simple method that can be easily replicated and adapted for small or large scale use. In addition to many helpful handouts, you get to take your own inoculated bag home! We will also discuss alternative methods of cultivation and what types of mushrooms they work with. Any extra time during the class period will be used for discussion and nearby fungal foraging!

Maureen and Ivan Farrell live in the mountains outside Beverly, WV, where they grow many species of edible and medicinal mushrooms. They are self taught naturalists who love to share their knowledge of identification and cultivation.

Please REGISTER, by Thursday, Sept. 6th at or stop in at the Highland Market to sign up. Limited to 20; pre-registration is required.

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Tuesday, August 28th, 5:30-8 pm

Workshop: Intro to Canning-
Open Kettle & Boiling Water Bath
with Kimmy Clements

Canaan Valley Fire Hall
Fee: $15

Canning can be daunting for some but for many items, like acidic foods, it’s really quite simple. Come and learn how to can, using the open kettle & boiling water method, so you can savor the flavor of summer peaches, tomatoes, pickles and more, throughout the entire year. Not only that, but reduce the unnecessary salt and sugars that are found in most commercial canned goods. This summer, produce is in surplus, so buy or harvest in bulk and stock your pantry or cellar! Let us demystify this timeless preservation method so you can save money and eat better!

Kimmy was raised on a farm and grew up preserving summer produce with her parents and grandparents. With these skills, and those acquired from her friends & neighbors, she stays stocked up with healthy, homemade, shelf stable foods. You can too!

Please REGISTER, no later than Monday, August 27th: or stop in at
the Highland Market to sign up. Pre-registration is required; if not minimum of 10, will reschedule

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Monday, August 13th, 5:30-8:30 pm

Workshop: Anyone Can Cook with Chef Margo Wilburn

Canaan Valley Firehall
Fee: $16, includes your dinner!

“How could I describe it? Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only to be aware to stop and savor it.”
-Chef Gusteau, from the movie Ratatouille

Some artists paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or act. Then there are those who cook. And, we’re all for art that we can eat! But, you don’t need to be a professional chef to whip up a delicious dish. Whether you’re a Linguini or a Gusteau, the kitchen doors are wide open for experimentation. Nobody knows this better than Remy, the littlest chef with the biggest dreams. So, throw on your apron, dust off your measuring cups, and let’s get cooking. After all, anyone can cook (and just as importantly, anyone can eat)! This workshop will be hands on and includes your dinner!

Chef Margo was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, has a small catering business called Sweet Angel’s Catering and will be leading the kitchen at Rudolph’s in Thomas, when they open this year. Her passion and love of food is deeply inspired by Julia Child.

Please REGISTER, no later than Thursday, August 9th: or stop in at the Highland Market to sign up. Pre-registration is required.

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Farmers & Artisan Market at ArtSpring

Grassy field across from Davis Firehall
Saturday, May 26 – 11a-4p
Fee: $18/adult, $8/2-10 years old, free/under 2

Locally grown, raised, created or altered items sold by creative folks from your community and its surroundings.

Vendor registration is open. We currently have a variety of producers joining us! Expected items include specialty chocolates, felted goods, potted plants, produce, USDA pork and beef, farm fresh eggs, soaps, balms, herbal creations, face painting, baskets, jams & jellies, jewelry and more!

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Breakfast Brunch Fundraiser

Davis Firehall
Sunday, May 20 – 10a-1p
Fee: $18/adult, $8/2-10 years old, free/under 2

Farm to Table vittles, silent auction, Wellness Day (our wellness product creators have been invited to display their products, offer samples and share their passion)

  • Breakfast Burrito Bar (eggs, sausage, sautéed veggies, greens, salsa, hot sauce
  • Homemade baked goods
  • Locally roasted organic coffee
  • Shrub Seltzer
  • & more!

everything made with locally & mindfully sourced ingredients
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Fruit Tree Pruning & Intro to Grafting at Paul and Karen Teets Farm & Orchard in Eglon.
Fee: $15, includes apple desserts, spinach strawberry salad & hot Burning Love, Karen’s potato and apple specialty!

Learn how to prune old or young fruit trees from two seasoned orchardists. Paul & Karen will share their extensive knowledge of over 100 varieties of apples they have on their farm, give you tips and pointers on how to prune your trees to maximize your harvest, provide an introduction to grafting and demonstrate the proper way to plant fruit trees. They have a wealth of knowledge so you won’t wanna miss it! Please email to register before 8pm Thursday, April 5th.

Fruit Tree Pruning and Intro to Grafting Workshop
Breakfast Brunch Fundraiser

Sunday June 11, 2017   10am-1pm
Davis Fire Hall on Highway 32

$15/adult    $5/2-10 yrs    free under 2 yrs

Please come out and eat a nutritious and locally sourced breakfast while helping us raise funds to renovate the basement. In order for the local food system to grow, more food processing (fruit/veggie preservation: fermenting, canning and freezing) is required and PHFFI needs more space to contribute to that… so we’re looking to renovate the basement and install a larger kitchen with more cold and dry storage to help everyone have healthy foods on their plates year round and to help the 15-20 farmers, who supply the Highland Market with fruits and veggies, with increased income!

Affordable and delicious! You can buy tickets at the Highland Market or pay at the door! The farmers and eaters in our region THANK YOU..and so do we!

Farm to Menu Mixer:  Making LOCAL work for your farm or restaurant

November 1, 2015  5-7pm, 2015  Thomas Education Center – 324 Brown Street, Thomas WV 26292

Cost: $15 – (Registration is now closed)

If you are a farmer who would like to sell to (more) restaurants OR a restaurant owner or chef who would like to buy more local, this is the event for you!  This event will involve a panel of experienced folks, from both groups, who are happy to discuss the pros and cons, so we can learn together!

What to Expect:

  • Best practices & tips for Farm-to-Restaurant sales
  • How to negotiate pricing
  • Sourcing and selling local meats
  • Tips for marketing locally and beyond
  • Interactive audience Q&A


Homemade Pasta with Josh Stevens

July 14, 2015   6pm-8pm   Thomas Education Center   |  $18

If you’ve never made fresh pasta at home, this workshop will be an eye-opener!  Homemade pasta is fresher and more flavorful than dried store-bought noodles, and once you get the hang of it, it can be even faster to prepare.  We will check out some specialized pasta gadgets for fun, but the focus will be on making fresh pasta accessible in any home kitchen with basic tools.

With a quick and simple demonstration, you will learn how to make fresh tagliatelle and sauce from scratch using only a stock pot, frying pan, kitchen knife, and wine bottle. Then we’ll take a look a look at some other shapes—farfalle, fettuccine, spaghetti, gnocchi, ravioli, and even some tubular extruded shapes like rigatoni and bucatini. Finally, and most fun, we’ll get hands-on and spend most of the class trying out some recipes with different pasta shapes and flavors. Yum!

A gluten free pasta recipe will be available to play with, if the crowd requests!

Who is Josh Stevens?
Josh Stevens is a self-taught cook and cocktail artist living in Thomas, WV, where he currently works as a bartender and barista at TipTop and is a frequent guest chef for the weekly Culture Kitchen hosted by iSalud!. Before moving to Thomas, Josh worked in science, music, and outdoor education at public schools in Alaska and Montana and with the National Youth Science Foundation in Charleston, West Virginia. He also plays cello, loves bicycles, and paints with wine.

Please register at your earliest convenience by emailing Kimmy at; payment can be made over the phone or at the time of the workshop. We have a minimum and maximum, so please don’t delay in reserving your spot so you can enjoy homemade pasta, made from wholesome ingredients of your choosing, any time!

Past Workshops

Below is a list of workshops we have offered in the past. If you have a topic request or would like to become a Food & Farm Workshop instructor, please contact Kimmy or Jen at 304.259.5388 or send an emil to

Artisan Bread Baking: learn how to make wholesome bread from scratch with one of Tucker County’s best known bakers, Mimi Kibler
Artisan bread workshop II: local superstar baker, Mimi Kibler, teaches how to make bagettes
Bee Biology and Products from Hive: general overview of materials needed to raise your own hive, what lives in the hive and benefits you can expect from having a hive
Bionutrient lecture: high yielding, low maintenance organic gardening
Bionutrient two day workshop (1 in fall, 1 in spring): effecting maximize yields while minimizing input
Biryani: a tour of India: learn how to create authentic Indian dishes while tempering spices
Charcuterie at Home: learn to cure meats at home
Charcuterie II: more meat curing…chicken liver pate’, brats, jerky and more
Cheese Making: learn the differences between milk varieties, which varieties are best for which type of cheese and how to make mozzarella
Chocolate Safari: learn how chocolate is made, from bean to bar, chocolate history and taste various types
Chutney, Condiments & Cranberries: harvest cranberries and then on to the kitchen to prepare various condiments with them
Cooking Simply: cook delicious cuisine in less time and with fewer resources than you would think
Curries: learn how to expand your pallet by creating unique curry combinations; and realize that curry is much more than a spice blend
Dehydrating Fruits & Veggies: maximize nutrient content in your produce by preserving the harvest while saving time and money. Wonderful for healthy winter snacks and low energy food storage
Detoxify your life: learn what daily changes you can make to minimize your exposure to toxins
Garden Planning: how to organize yourself and your garden
Herbs, culinary use and preserving: identify different fresh herbs and explore different uses for them
Home made yogurt (and kefir): taught by nationally known Sandor Katz. Gabriel Rogers shares his knowledge of dairy ferments
Homemade sodas: discussion of different non-alcoholic, fermented tonics and how to make them. Taste-testing follows.
Knife skills: how to hold and maintain your cutlery as well as how to properly make certain dices and chops
Modern pressure cooking: cooking healthy meals will take half the time, or less, with your pressure cooker
Production planning: partnered with the Value Chain Cluster Initiative ( assists new and current producers in maximizing four-season harvests and will expand your marketing venues
Sauerkraut & Pickles: brine and salt ferments
Tempeh: fermenting grains and legumes
Tree pruning and apple varietals: pruning, grafting and maintenance for fruit trees as well as an abundance of information on over 100 apple varieties–many of them local
Vegan Baking with Sara: after you take this workshop vegan baking will not be synonymous with flavorless baking