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Past Workshops

Here is a list of workshops we have offered in the past. If you have a topic request or would like to become a Food & Farm Workshop instructor, please contact

Artisan Bread Baking: learn how to make wholesome bread from scratch with one of Tucker County’s best known bakers, Mimi Kibler

Artisan bread workshop II: local superstar baker, Mimi Kibler, teaches how to make bagettes

Bee Biology and Products from Hive: general overview of materials needed to raise your own hive, what lives in the hive and benefits you can expect from having a hive

Bionutrient lecture: high yielding, low maintenance organic gardening

Bionutrient two day workshop (1 in fall, 1 in spring): effecting maximize yields while minimizing input

Biryani: a tour of India: learn how to create authentic Indian dishes while tempering spices

Charcuterie at Home: learn to cure meats at home

Charcuterie II: more meat curing…chicken liver pate’, brats, jerky and more

Cheese Making: learn the differences between milk varieties, which varieties are best for which type of cheese and how to make mozzarella

Chocolate Safari: learn how chocolate is made, from bean to bar, chocolate history and taste various types

Chutney, Condiments & Cranberries: harvest cranberries and then on to the kitchen to prepare various condiments with them

Cooking Simply: cook delicious cuisine in less time and with fewer resources than you would think

Curries: learn how to expand your pallet by creating unique curry combinations; and realize that curry is much more than a spice blend

Dehydrating Fruits & Veggies: maximize nutrient content in your produce by preserving the harvest while saving time and money. Wonderful for healthy winter snacks and low energy food storage

Detoxify your life: learn what daily changes you can make to minimize your exposure to toxins

Garden Planning: how to organize yourself and your garden

Herbs, culinary use and preserving: identify different fresh herbs and explore different uses for them

Home made yogurt (and kefir): taught by nationally known Sandor Katz. Gabriel Rogers shares his knowledge of dairy ferments

Homemade sodas: discussion of different non-alcoholic, fermented tonics and how to make them. Taste-testing follows.

Knife skills: how to hold and maintain your cutlery as well as how to properly make certain dices and chops

Modern pressure cooking: cooking healthy meals will take half the time, or less, with your pressure cooker

Production planning: partnered with the Value Chain Cluster Initiative ( assists new and current producers in maximizing four-season harvests and will expand your marketing venues

Sauerkraut & Pickles: brine and salt ferments

Tempeh: fermenting grains and legumes

Tree pruning and apple varietals: pruning, grafting and maintenance for fruit trees as well as an abundance of information on over 100 apple varieties–many of them local

Vegan Baking with Sara: after you take this workshop vegan baking will not be synonymous with flavorless baking