Community Outreach

PHFFI strives to help folks have access to items that will encourage healthy eating–like our great grandparents did! Additionally, we wish to work toward a cohesive and sustainable agriculture community. To accomplish this, we offer Food & Farm Workshops, Early and Late season Farmers Markets, and offer healthy eating educational materials to The Saint George Medical Clinic.

Food & Farm Workshops

We strive to educate participants in the basic skills of country living. Additionally, we seek culinary enthusiasts, skilled in various cuisines, to share their talents and broaden our pallet options.

Please visit the Workshops page for more details.

Early and Late Season Farmers Market

We host an early and late-season farmers market. The growing season is short in Tucker County, but with the growth of high tunnel and greenhouse use by area farmers, there is some, though limited, produce available outside the normal growing season. In order to help these farmers sell their goods, PHFFI hosts an ArtSpring Art and Food Market, during Memorial Day weekend and a Holiday Art and Food Market, in December. These markets are open to any vendor interested in selling their food, farm or homemade products. Check back for more information.