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Community Outreach

PHFFI strives to help folks have access to items that will encourage healthy eating…like our great grandparents did! Additionally, we wish to work toward a cohesive and sustainable agriculture community. To accomplish this, we offer Community Farm Days, Food & Farm Workshops, Early and Late season Farmers Markets, manage a Community Garden in Thomas and work with area schools. Learn more about each below. We hope to see you there!
Community Garden in Thomas, WV

Community Garden in Thomas

The Community Garden is a way for those with limited sun and/or land to have an opportunity to grow their own food.  Plots are either 4 x 8ft or 4 x 6ft and are in an open field near the Thomas Community Center (adjacent to the track).  The cost is free, though donations are accepted.  Previous donations have been used to install a water collection tank for easy water access and to purchase a reel lawnmower for gardeners’ use inside the Community Garden plot.

Community Farm Days

CFDs are usually a half-day event geared toward assisting those farm families who feed us. If you, or someone you know, works hard feeding our community and could use a hand accomplishing an arduous or time-consuming task, please let Kimmy know! She will happily recruit volunteers to visit with free labor. In return, all you owe us is a farm-sourced meal after the work’s finished! Volunteers will be assisting their neighbors while building relationships and gaining valuable knowledge to share with others!

Previous CFD activities include: Clearing out an old barn, weeding perennial berries, removing drip tape and plastic mulch, planting fall crops, harvesting large crops.

Community Farm Days

Food & Farm Workshops

Food & Farm Workshops

Created to assist and inspire folks in getting back to the way our great grandparents grew, harvested, preserved and prepared food. We strive to educate participants in the basic skills of country living. Additionally, we seek culinary enthusiasts, skilled in various cuisines, to share their talents and broaden our pallet options. We utilize community members who are practicing these skills regularly and are privy to the ins and outs of their trade. Please visit the Workshops page for more details.

Early and Late Season Farmers Market

We host an early and late-season farmers market. The growing season is short in Tucker County, but with the growth of high tunnel and greenhouse use by area farmers, there is some, though limited, produce available outside the normal growing season. In order to help these farmers sell their goods, PHFFI hosts an ArtSpring Art and Food Market, during Memorial Day weekend and a Holiday Art and Food Market, in December. These markets are open to any vendor interested in selling their food, farm or homemade products. Check back for more information.

Farmers Market

Tucker County School Gardens

Tucker County School Gardens

Helping to implement garden-based curricula in the Tucker County Elementary-Middle Schools by offering resources and instruction. The Tucker County High School’s Agriculture Science and ProStart Program are shining stars in our community and we strive to assist earlier educators in extending the food and farm inspiration to a young age. PHFFI has worked with students at Tucker Valley and Davis-Thomas Schools in their nutrition and gardening efforts.  Additionally, we have engaged with TCHS students in helping them realize the growing demand for local foods and in judging ProStart events.

Out and About

Photos by Kimmy Clements