quality, local food and farm products

Increasing access to quality, local food and farm products

The Potomac Highlands Food & Farm Initiative is a non-profit organization with the mission to increase access to quality, local food and farm products and assist small farmers and producers in building their agricultural businesses while supporting healthy eating and lifestyles. We accomplish this mission through various projects including the Highland Market, our local foods grocery store in Davis, early and late season farmers markets, Food & Farm Workshops, the Community Garden in Thomas and Community Farm Days. We host off-season farmers markets and work with Tucker County Schools assisting in implementing garden-based curricula.

Our goal is to help folks eat better while helping to strengthen the local food economy. Learn more on our FAQ page.

PHFFI, launched in January, 2013, originated through an effort by the Tucker Community Foundation (TCF) with financial support from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation and the USDA.  Diane Hinkle, Development Director of TCF (retired December 2017), saw the demand for increased access to quality food products in our remote mountain community and began brainstorming with other residents with the same beliefs. Through that collaboration, the idea of PHFFI was born. Special thanks to Diane for spearheading the idea of this project and to all those who attended the 2012 meetings and helped set the stage for what PHFFI could become.

It’s about good food!


It’s about good food! PHFFI - quality food and farm products.

Who Are We?


Jen Olinger

Jen Olinger

Jen Olinger

Manager, Highland Market

“Raising, preparing, cooking or eating food: all of these are meditations in action and thus good for the soul and the earth. Be kind to yourself and to others! These aren’t just wise words, but in many cultures it’s the “Golden Rule”. I also believe that food is medicine. If you are what you eat, then eat well to be well. It’s that simple.”

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Kate Lane

Kate Lane

Kate Lane

Manager, Highland Market

“I am thankful for all the work PHFFI has done to improve our quality of life here and am thrilled to spend my days working with a great team towards creating a healthier future for the Potomac Highlands.”

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Advisory Board of Directors

Jessica Waldo

President, PHFFI BOD
Executive Director, Tucker County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Backbone Food Farm

Katharine and Max Dubansky
Farmer, Highland Market, regional farmers markets, CSA

Amy Margolies

Vice President
Food Security and Nutrition research

Sandra Frank

Assistant Development Director,
Tucker Community Foundation

Marti Neustadt

Secretary, PHFFI BOD
Business Coach, Value Chain Cluster Initiative &
Tucker County Development Authority Board Member

Lori Halderman

Star Pottery

Miriam Leatherman

Buena Vista Farms

“Super special thanks to Rob Burns for all his support. He has been invaluable as a founding board member, emergency employee, financial guru, therapist, technical support, fellow food enthusiast and most importantly, as a friend. We couldn’t be doing this without you, Rob!” PHFFI Staff

Rob Burns