PHFFI supports small producers and provides various avenues for increased access to local food products. We support a network to assist small growers and consumers with access to resources, and strive to inspire more at-home cooking and food preservation.
Surely! We’re always looking for more producers to keep the Highland Market’s shelves stocked. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier for the Market, please contact Kimmy or Jen at 304.259.5388 or send an email to info@phffi.org and we can discuss what items you would like to offer.
We acquire our products for the Market from small farmers who are as close to home as possible. This serves to cut down on the carbon footprint during travel and helps those farmers by providing additional outlets to sell their products; therefore helping the farmer develop a stronger economic future.
Products from our area’s farmers are available year-round at the Highland Market, located in Davis, WV. Additionally, their products can be purchased direct from the farmers at the seasonal farmers’ markets that run from July-October or the ArtSpring Artisan & Farmers Market, held on Memorial Day Weekend, and the Holiday Artisan & Farmers Market, held in December.

Monday: 11-7

Tuesday: Closed

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Thursday: 11-5

Friday: 11-7

Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 10-3

Not currently, but we do have plans to launch this service in the near future.
At the Highland Market, not only do we offer local goods but we also survey consumers to find those ingredients that are not conveniently available. This includes gluten-free products: rice pastas, flour mixes and other items.
Yes! We offer Food & Farm Workshops on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These workshops are focused on farming, food preservation, cooking or nutrition. With these workshops, we utilize skilled and enthusiastic community members who have extensive experience on the subject matter, so they may share their passion. We aim to offer these workshops at affordable prices so anyone can participate and benefit. Join the Newsletter to stay up-to-date on future workshops!
If you’re interested in becoming a workshop instructor, please contact Kimmy or Jen at 304.259.5388 or email info@phffi.org.
If you’d like to donate, please visit the PayPal link below. You can specify which aspect of the project you’d like to support and we will utilize those funds only for that purpose.

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